Emergency Soil Pucks (12)


12 Pack Soil Pucks are made in the USA from preferred organic peat not from coconuts. Pucks are 2 1/4 inches round and just over 1/2 inch thick and as you can see from the photos, just a few minutes after adding water they expand several times over to provide you with a rich, well drained medium for planting.
Puck soil can be used as is or be mixed with existing potting soil as an extender. Once your plants are potted up you can go back to your regular watering and fertilizer routine.
Space saving and easy-to-store, these pucks are super convenient. If your a serious home grower, whether you need a potting medium right now or just want to buy a couple of bags to keep in reserve for any urgent planting, its good to know you can plant your cuttings or start seeds without another trip to a big-box store.

Quick Specs.

  • Height: .5″
  • Material: Organic Peat
  • Hydrate With: Water
  • Ships By: UPS
  • Width: 2.25″
  • Includes: 12 Bagged Pucks
  • Hydration Time: 5-10 Min.
  • Shipping Rate: See Below

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