Lg Dwarf Fiji Jungle Palm (cyclanths asplundia)

RARE The perfect palm for your terrarium collection. This small monocot is related to the much larger Carludovica palmata. It both produces off-sets and aerial roots for guaranteed survival on the forest floor. This variety requires little care and makes a beautiful addition to any rare terrarium collection. Here at the nursery it is growing amongst the philodendrons in our aroid house, we found greens up well and grows much faster with the addition of a bit of organic fertilizer. You’ll love this little guy.
Pot Size: 4" Round

The item you are purchasing is the actual plant shown in ALL photos in the gallery. It may have grown or lost a leaf since it was photographed, we list plants within a few days of picture taking and ship as quickly as possible. Note: White variegation is susceptible to browning and possible leaf drop during shipping.
Plants are sold as plants NOT BY LEAF COUNT, though it rarely happens, leaf loss WILL NOT be refunded at all or on a per leaf basis. All sales are final. By purchasing this produce you agree to the terms and conditions If you disagree with the policies, please do not order.

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