Lg. Hitchhiker Elephant Ear Plant (remusatia vivipara)

Glossy, leather-like tropical foliage. A medium-sized, fast growing aroid native to the undergrowth of temperate and tropical forests between the Himalayas, Southeast Asia and northern Australia. It spreads by small bulbils that cling to animals fur like burs. The beautiful glossy green leaves reach to about 3 feet tall. A stunningly tropical ground cover or bedding plant for temperate and tropical climates in USDA Zones 8 to 11. Note: At the northern end of their zone, plants will go into dormancy during cooler months and re-emerge in mid spring. Plants shipped in spring may be in dormancy.
Pot Size: 4" Round

The item you are purchasing, when mature is similar to the plants shown in the gallery, plants being shipped are smaller potted specimens. Color or texture may vary somewhat. No two plants are identical however these plants grow quickly.

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