Lg. New Guinea Gold Elephant Ear Plant (alocasia sp)

A unusual form from Papua New Guinea that has a peculiar habit of producing variegated leaves only at certain times of the year (typically late summer through Autumn) occasionally missing out entirely in a year. This is not a typical case of variegation reversion since for the most part the plant does return to producing variegated leaves each year. There seems to be no apparent reason for this behavior. This very beautiful plant is quite different from the typical elephant ear. The thick sculpted glossy green and gold speckling makes this elephant ear unique. The leaves are held upright on dramatically rigid stems. It is quite hardy, surviving 27 degrees F with mulch, but prefers warmer conditions. When they are young the leaves are completely green. The speckling begins after the plants are a few months old. The leaves on these plants are approximately 20 -36 in. long and the plants mature height is 5-6 ft. What an impressive addition to any tropical plant collection.
Pot Size: 4" Round

The item you are purchasing, when mature is similar to the plants shown in the gallery, plants being shipped are smaller potted specimens. Color or texture may vary somewhat. No two plants are identical however these plants grow quickly.

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