Monstera Adansonii Friedrichsthalii Swiss Cheese Vine (bare root)

Monstera Adansonii Friedrichsthalii – The Swiss Cheese Vine plant is a small variety of Monstera Adansonii which has narrower leaves and more uniform holes. It grows well is indoor environments, however it grows very fast. A single plant can take over a totem in as little as 3-4 months. Once established you will have more of these than you’ll know what to do with. These cuttings are very established, well rooted and ready to be potted-up.
This Plant Ships Bare Root: It grows fast.

The item you are purchasing is similar to the plant shown in the last photos in the gallery. It may be larger or smaller and have a different leaf count. No two plants are identical however plants grow quickly here in the nursery and are often shipped larger than the ones depicted here.

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