XL Variegated French Peanut Tree (pachira aquatica)

Variegated French Peanut Tree (pachira aquatica) – Rare Variegated Variety – Sun tolerant, leaves are variegated for their first few weeks as they turn deep green with no sunburn, this is rare for a highly variegated tree that grows well in full sun. Fragrant large white flowers that bloom at night are followed by 6 inch green pods filled with edible seeds about the size of a baseball. When ripe the pods split and the seeds fall out. They are said to be similar to the flavor of a peanut and can be eaten raw, roasted or fried. Very easy to grow and maintain. Trimmed to 36″ to facilitate shipping.
Pot Size: 6" Round

The item you are purchasing is the actual plant shown in the last photos in the gallery. It may have grown or lost a leaf since it was photographed, we list plants within a few days of picture taking and ship as quickly as possible. Note: Plants are trimmed to 36" overall to facilitate shipping.

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