XL Yellow Trunk Kapok Tree (ceiba pentandra)

Yellow Trunk Kapok Tree (ceiba pentandra) – A very rare sport recently discovered by Pamela of Botanical Growers. This new variety sports rich green foliage with a contrasting bright yellow trunk. Kapok grows very well in captivity in a 12 to 24 inch container. In-ground it’s known to be a super fast-growing tree, it can put on 40 inches or more in a growing season for the first 10 years, then slows down considerably to build more girth and bulk in subsequent years. Flowers are heavily scented, nocturnal bloomers that bloom in winter when the tree has lost its foliage. This tree is stunning specimen plant to add to your collection. Adequate and regular watering and lots of sun are all this tree truly wants to be happy. Trimmed to 36″ to facilitate shipping.
Pot Size: 7"x2"x2" Round

The item you are purchasing is the actual plant shown in the last photos in the gallery. It may have grown or lost a leaf since it was photographed, we list plants within a few days of picture taking and ship as quickly as possible. Note: Plants are trimmed to 36" overall to facilitate shipping.

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